Salvation and Mission

There are many great cities in UK. Due to my background and passion for education and students, the two cities I enjoy visiting are Cambridge and Oxford. I love the vibe and history of both cities. Over the last few years, I have visited both cities many times. During one of my visit to Oxford, […]

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Biblos: Word of the living God

It is November and I could already feel like Christmas is here. My yearly Christmas ritual is to sit, eat mince pies and pigs in blanket, and watching any old film. I am a big Disney movie fan. Visiting Disney World is one of my things to-do in my wish list. Thinking about films, The […]

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Jesus: The only way

First thing I do every morning is to ‘Thank Jesus’ for the blessings and then I listen to worship music. This morning I was listening to ‘The Way by Housefires’. The lyrics made me write this blog. I believe You are The way, the truth, the life I believe Through every battle Through every heartbreak […]

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